Turnstile - Glow On

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2018's Time & Space saw Turnstile breach the headwaters of the mainstream with a bracing set of songs that were delivered with gusto and peppered with creative funk and hip-hop interludes. The Baltimore hardcore enthusiasts go all-in on their dizzying third long-player, Glow On, bringing in Dr. Dre protégé Mike Elizondo (Mastodon, Twenty One Pilots, 50 Cent) to helm the production and delivering a 15-track set that stays true to their punk roots while carving out an impressive swathe of old, new, borrowed, and blue sonic real estate. Commencing with a billowing synth arpeggio, triumphant opener "Mystery" sets the table with an earworm-heavy blast of punchy '90s alt-rock that pulls the choicest pieces of meat from the carcasses of Fugazi, Jane's Addiction, and Nirvana. "Blackout," "Holiday," and "T.L.C. (Turnstile Love Connection)" go big as well, with the former administering lethal amounts of taut, Helmet-worthy riffage over a mix of analog and triggered beats -- replete with Latin drum flourishes -- and the latter two cuts looking to consolidate the mosh pit and the dancefloor into a sweaty, earthbound murmuration. The interstitial moments of Time & Space have been folded in rather than tacked on this time around, which helps otherwise sonic outliers like the languid indie rocker "Alien Love" (one of two tracks to feature Devonté Hyne, aka Blood Orange) and the bubbly and aptly named dance-pop gem "Underwater Boi" find some equilibrium with the rest of the album. Turnstile's predilection for genre-hopping never tempers their enthusiasm, and the concise and inclusive hardcore anthems that have been their forte since emerging in 2010 still make up the bulwark of their sound. Both vital and respective of the listener's time at just under 35 minutes, Glow On rolls in like a violent, late-summer storm and pummels the power grid but mercifully leaves the lights on.

Mystery 2:35
Blackout 2:53
Don't Play 2:13
Underwater Boi 3:04
Holiday 2:52
Humanoid / Shake It Up 1:09
Endless 1:58
Fly Again 2:31
Alien Love Call 2:56
Wild Wrld 2:54
Dance-Off 2:09
New Heart Design 2:27
T.L.C. (Turnstile Love Connection) 1:42
No Surprise 0:45
Lonely Dezires 2:43