Van Morrison - Moondance (Deluxe/3LP)

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The yang to Astral Weeks' yin, the brilliant Moondance is every bit as much a classic as its predecessor; Van Morrison's first commercially successful solo effort, it retains the previous album's deeply spiritual thrust but transcends its bleak, cathartic intensity to instead explore themes of renewal and redemption. Light, soulful, and jazzy, Moondance opens with the sweetly nostalgic "And It Stoned Me," the song's pastoral imagery establishing the dominant lyrical motif recurring throughout the album -- virtually every track exults in natural wonder, whether it's the nocturnal magic celebrated by the title cut or the unlimited promise offered in "Brand New Day." At the heart of the record is "Caravan," an incantatory ode to the power of radio; equally stirring is the majestic "Into the Mystic," a song of such elemental beauty and grace as to stand as arguably the quintessential Morrison moment.

Expanded 3xLP set. A new stereo remix by Steven Wilson. With selected outtakes and alternates

The Original Album Remixed
A1 And It Stoned Me
A2 Moondance
A3 Crazy Love
A4 Caravan
A5 Into The Mystic
B1 Come Running
B2 These Dreams Of You
B3 Brand New Day
B4 Everyone
B5 Glad Tidings
Sessions, Alternates & Mixes
C1 Into The Mystic (Take 11)
C2 Caravan (Take 4)
C3 Glad Tidings (Remix 2)
C4 These Dreams Of You (Remix)
D1 Come Running (Take 2)
D2 Brand New Day (Take 3)
D3 Glad Tidings (Alt. Version)
D4 Crazy Love (Alternative Mix)
E1 Caravan (Redo: Take 3)
E2 These Dreams Of You (Alt. Version)
E3 Moondance (Take 22)
E4 Glad Tidings (Take 9)
F1 I Shall Sing (Take 7)
F2 Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (Outtake)
F3 I've Been Working (Early Version, Take 5)