Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain

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Daniel Dumile (aka MF Doom) concluded a prolific 2003 with this paranoiac collection of warped city tales, released under the alter ego Viktor Vaughn. Having relegated production duties to a committee consisting of RJD2 and relative unknowns King Honey, Heat Sensor, and Max Bill, Dumile's full attention is left for the mike. With his mush-mouthed delivery as currency, the charismatic MC delivers a phone book of impressionistic rhyme trails, barmy anecdotes, and twisted punchlines that siphon humor into the grayest scenarios. Vaudeville Villain's story-raps are just as brilliantly spun -- the immaculate "Let Me Watch" features Apani B Fly guesting as Vaughn's vestal romantic foil and ends on a note that strikes just the right balance between Vaughn's comedic and sordid qualities. Grubby and excitable, the album's production is no less superb, with RJD2's "Saliva," Heat Sensor's "Never Dead," and King Honey's title track standing out as high points. Dense, bright, and packed with ideas, Vaudeville Villain is Dumile at his absolute best.

On 2xLP Silver Vinyl

1 Overture 0:34
2 Vaudeville Villain 2:31
3 Lickupon 2:44
4 The Drop 3:25
5 Lactose and Lecithin 2:34
6 A Dead Mouse 3:55
7 Open Mic Nite, Pt. 1 4:09
     feat. Lord Sear (rap), Brother Sambuka, Rodan as Dr. Moreau, Louis Logic
8 Raedawn 3:00
9 Let Me Watch 4:27
     feat. Apani B. as Nikki
10 Saliva 2:28
11 Modern Day Mugging 2:43
12 Open Mic Nite, Pt. 2 3:13
     feat. Lord Sear (rap), AJ Ready Wright, Creature
13 Never Dead 3:27
     feat. M. Sayyid as Curtis Strifer (rap)
14 Popsnot 4:39
15 Mr. Clean 2:13
16 G.M.C. 3:33
17 Change the Beat (Outro) [unlisted] 6:54