Vintage Fisher RS-2010 Stereo Receiver

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Fisher Electronics is one of the most prolific audio companies in history.  Founded in 1945 by Avery Fisher in Massachusetts, the company went on for nearly 30 years before finally being acquired by a Japanese electronics company.  At that turning point, the market was making a big push toward high-powered solid state receivers with big silver faces, tuning dials, and as many knobs and switches as could fit on a 6"x 18" piece of aluminum. 

The RS-2010 was introduced in 1978 and is packed with all of the features you'd expect from a receiver from this era, plus BIG POWER: 100 watts per channel to drive almost any speaker to "plenty loud" listening levels; an excellent AM/FM Stereo tuner which Fisher was known for; and plenty of inputs and outputs for the whole family.  

The unit also features a nice graphic equalizer.

The receiver's traditional silver face and soft blue illumination are reminiscent of "the good ole days" and provide a beautiful glow to any listening session. In terms of listening, the receiver sounds great.