Waterparks - Intellectual Property

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Houston combo Waterparks scale back a bit on Intellectual Property, their first album for Fueled by Ramen and fifth overall. A power trio with a penchant for slick, arena-sized rockers, the band's sound has widened in scope with each release, culminating in 2021's 17-song epic Greatest Hits. Without sacrificing their sense of ambition, Intellectual Property sees Waterparks trying out their version of a back-to-basics approach that leans into their pop-punk roots while keeping the emphasis on pop. The album's 11 songs are compact and tuneful, with bright hooks and a fairly even blend of breeziness and aggro punch. Despite its dark title, "Funeral Grey" is pure alt-pop shimmer that, along with the bouncy "Brainwashed" and "2 Best Friends," defines the overriding vibe of Intellectual Property. Working again with longtime producer Zakk Cervini, Waterparks have lost none of their glossy sheen while capping off some of their more excessive tendencies.

Real Super Dark
Funeral Grey
2 Best Friends
End Of The Water (Feel)
Fuck About It
A Night Out On Earth