Zach Bryan - Deann

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Self-released in 2019, Zach Bryan's debut doesn't precisely feel like a demo, but it isn't far removed from that territory, either. Performed largely by Bryan accompanying himself with an acoustic guitar, DeAnn is unadorned and intimate, a record that demands to either be listened to intently or without a lick of concentration. Bryan's passion is evident, as are his basic skills: he can construct a rugged song, yet the focus always is on his passionate delivery.

Flying Or Crying 2:49
Hope Again 3:01
God Speed 4:13
Don't Give Up On Me 3:23
Doing Fine 3:04
Letting Someone Go 3:59
Shivers Down Spines 3:00
Snow 2:58
Man That's Never Known You 3:05
Moon In Oklahoma 2:59
Condemned 2:54
Sweet DeAnn 3:24