Circa Survive - Two Dreams

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Two Dreams is less of a “farewell” album and more of a “we’ll return in some way or another” album. While Circa Survive are indeed entering an indefinite hiatus, frontman Anthony Green is as busy as ever, what with him creating post-hardcore supergroup L.S. Dunes (more on them later) and reviving his long-dormant project The Sound of Animals Fighting all in the same year as Two Dreams’ release. However, though Green is going nowhere, that doesn’t shake the fact that Two Dreams has the aura of parting ways with a friendly stranger after sharing many experiences. The band trades their post-hardcore angst for moody art rock with electronic tinges, while still remaining recognizable via their poetic lyrics and Green’s distinctive vocals. Granted, it doesn’t quite reach the heights of fan favorites like Juturna or On Letting Go, or Decensus, but Two Dreams remains a phenomenal release in the discography of one of the most consistently great bands of the new millennium.

2LP Colored Vinyl

1 Imposter Syndrome 4:03
2 Drift 4:42
3 Our Last Shot 6:11
4 Even Better 4:18
5 Gone for Good 3:56
6 Sleep Well 5:11
7 Electric Moose 5:17
8 Curitiba 4:17
9 Late Nap 3:44
10 Discount on Psychic Readings 5:43
11 Die on the West Coast 3:50
12 Buzzhenge 5:01