Creed - Greatest Hits

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Creed weren't just one of many two-album wonders of the post-grunge late '90s, they were the biggest of the two-album wonders, selling more records and crashing harder than any other their peers. All the while they produced unflappably earnest heavy rock -- music that sounded like Pearl Jam, only not nearly as much fun. They also traded on Pearl Jam's unfortunate tendency to place sheer emotion and sound over hooks, and since Creed weren't as powerful or interesting musically as the Seattle quartet, that meant that their albums could sound rather samey in the long haul. Nevertheless, their sincerity resonated among mainstream listeners irritated that Pearl Jam went weird after Vs., and with 2000s "With Arms Wide Open," they had a power ballad hit with universal appeal that helped break them through to an even wider audience than they had before. It, naturally, is the literal centerpiece of Creed's 2004 Greatest Hits, arriving in the middle of the 13-song album. Since it remains their biggest and best song, it's only appropriate that it has such a prominent position on this album, because a listen to the entire album reveals that the rest of their material hasn't aged all that well. Still, for those listeners who want to dig back to the halcyon year or two where Creed were one of the biggest bands in the land, Greatest Hits is the way to do it, since it has all of their charting hits, minus the minor radio hit cover of "Riders on the Storm" from the 2000 Doors tribute album Stoned Immaculate. It may not be timeless music, but Greatest Hits does gather all the noteworthy Creed tracks for those who care.

Torn    6:26
My Own Prison    5:00
What's This Life For    3:32
One    5:02
Are You Ready    4:47
Higher    5:26
With Arms Wide Open    4:38
What If    5:19
One Last Breath    3:59
Don't Stop Dancing    4:31
Bullets    3:51
My Sacrifice    4:56
Weathered    5:30
My Own Prison    4:16
What's This Life For    3:31
Higher    4:41
What If    4:51
With Arms Wide Open    3:51
Bullets    3:49
My Sacrifice    4:39
One Last Breath    3:58
Don't Stop Dancing    4:26
Torn (Live)    5:23
Higher (Live)    4:53
Weathered (Live)    4:37