Sade - Promise

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Sade's second album improved on the performance of her debut, as "Sweetest Taboo" was a huge hit and "Never as Good as the First Time" landed in both the R&B and pop Top 20. She was once again the personification of cool, laid-back singing, seldom extending or embellishing lyrics, registering emotion, or projecting her voice. This demeanor made her more desirable in the minds of many fans and was perhaps the ultimate misapplication of the notion of sophistication. But this album topped the pop charts and eventually went triple platinum.

Is It A Crime    6:18
The Sweetest Taboo    4:35
War Of The Hearts    6:47
Jezebel    5:30
Mr Wrong    2:50
Never As Good As The First Time    5:01
Fear    4:05
Tar Baby    3:58
Maureen    4:22