Sum 41 - Heaven :X: Hell

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2xLP Red & Blue Splatter

Capping nearly three decades on the scene, Sum 41 bid farewell the only way they really could: merging their punk and metal extremes on the sprawling double album Heaven :x: Hell. All those years of stylistic evolution collide on this 20-song collection, which is split evenly into the pop-punk Heaven side and the metal-leaning Hell side (naturally). Finding the sweet spot among Billy Talent, Green Day, and blink-182, this is standard, anthemic pop-punk goodness, designed for pogo-bops, fist-pumping, and light moshing, all centered on Deryck Whibley's acrobatic vocals. The big singalong choruses of catchy standouts like "Dopamine" and "Bad Mistake" ride Frank Zummo's freewheeling drumming, as the twin guitar attack of Dave Baksh and Tom Thacker propel this track headlong into the sunset. Heaven, according to Sum 41, sounds fun, urgent, and energetic (even when the lyrics say otherwise). Descending into Hell, fans of 2016's 13 Voices and 2019's Order in Decline will have plenty to enjoy as the relatively lighthearted punk fest gives way to a hardened, emotionally charged whirlpool of rage and frustration. The pummeling "Rise Up" crushes with a head-caving breakdown and death scream, while the hardcore "Stranger in These Times" shreds and tears its way through "imbecilic morons" and Whibley's insecurities. Hell highlight "I Don't Need Anyone" lurches its way atop Jason McCaslin's bass groove before a killer guitar solo slashes its way through this metal assault, just as emotions are pushed to the limit on the Linkin Park-leaning "How the End Begins." There's even a martial cover of the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" that showcases their technical skill and adaptability (especially on the breakdown). Regardless of which Sum 41 you prefer, there are two expertly executed albums here, each highlighting just how this group has grown from being rascally jokesters to hardened, concerned members of society. As far as swan songs go, Heaven :x: Hell is a heartfelt goodbye to fans, an overly generous gift that aims to please the full spectrum of diehards and thank them for all their years of dedication.

A1 Waiting On A Twist Of Fate
A2 Landmines
A3 I Can't Wait
A4 Time Won't Wait
A5 Future Primative
B1 Dopamine
B2 Not Quite Myself
B3 Bad Mistake
B4 Jonny Libertine
B5 Radio Silence
C1 Preparasi A Salire
C2 Rise Up
C3 Stranger In These Times
C4 I Don't Need Anyone
C5 Over The Edge
D1 House Of Liars
D2 You Wanted War
D3 Paint It Black
D4 It's All Me
D5 How The End Begins