Jesus Lizard, The - Blue (RSDBF23)

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Limited to 2000

After Austin-based Scratch Acid disbanded, caterwauling vocalist David Yow and bassist David Wm. Sims moved to Chicago, where they formed The Jesus Lizard and proceed to make a glorious racket throughout the ‘90s. Produced by Gang of Four's Andy Gill and featuring new drummer Jim Kimball, 1998's Blue is their sixth and final studio album, and it's one of their most diverse, even delving into jazz (!) on "Until It Stopped to Die." But other tracks, like "And Then the Rain" and "Postcoital Glow," deliver TJL's trademark mix of menace and borderline psychosis; this band remains among the most defiantly uncommercial acts ever signed to a major label. Reissued on LP for the first time, in a metallic blue vinyl pressing limited to 2500 copies worldwide.

I Can Learn; Horse Doctor Man; Eucalyptus; A Tale of Two Women; Cold Water; And Then the Rain; Postcoital Glow; Until It Stopped to Die; Soft Damage; Happy Snakes; Needles for Teeth (Version); Terremoto